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The conscientious addition of a mindfulness practice is a wonderful tool to build resilience in all aspects of one’s life, from self-mastery of emotions to interpersonal relationships to business skills. Mindfulness practice can enhance an individual’s self-awareness, communication, intuition, and analytical reasoning. Scientific studies back the positive health and social impact of an ongoing meditation and mindfulness practice.


Mindfulness is the process of bringing one’s awareness to the present moment in a loving, non-judgmental fashion, and of being “mindful” of one’s thoughts and internal state. This can be achieved through the practice of meditation and other training, such as movement, music, and other means. The main focus is to be actively aware of one’s internal and external environment and to retrain the mind from wandering.

Benefits of a Mindfulness Practice

The benefits of a mindfulness practice can include the willingness to see old scripts and automatic behaviors and the pull of the ego and the influence of fear. As an individual sits in meditation and practices mindfulness it becomes easier to realize the old patterns that one goes to out of fear of one’s emotions, thoughts, and set beliefs and behaviors. As the practice becomes more internal, one learns to look at oneself and external stimuli with more curiosity and non-attachment.


As one becomes aware of the workings of one’s own mind through gentle curiosity and awareness, it becomes easier to understand and accept that other’s reactions with loving kindness and understanding. One begins to see others not as antagonists but as allies.


A sustained mindfulness practice is an opportunity to study the patterns that we engage in with our thinking. When our minds open to new possibilities of viewing the environment and responding to the present moment, rather than to fears and dreams and automatic reflexes, it becomes easier to see the options and possibilities that lie before us.


A centered view gives us the opportunity to move beyond preconception, fear, and ego. It allows us to look with gentle curiosity at the people and goals before us with more clarity, being receptive to what they can teach us.

A mindfulness practice can enhance your resilience to what may initially present as obstacles or challenges by allowing you to see yourself, your environment, and the possibilities before you in a clearer light.