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Have you ever been asked what you wanted to be when you grew up? Many of us have. When we were children it was much easier to be able to define our future selves with the type of profession that we have. As adults, we know that what you do does not define you, but in fact what kind of person you are that defines us. In order to have a confident and fulfilling life, you need to be able to know what kind of person you are, and define your sense of self. While it can be challenging for some, developing a strong sense of self requires a lot of inward reflection on outward issues. But once you find your stride, you’ll be able to succeed in both business and your personal life.

Feeling is believing.

Confidence can only come from within. Only you can ask yourself the tough questions, and only you will know what your true answers are to those questions. When making a decision, believe that you have the strength to have made the best decision possible for you. If you allow yourself to doubt your own thoughts and feelings, others will begin to doubt you as well. By feeling confident you will be confident.

Find your strengths.

Think about the things that define you over others. I recently talked about this in another blog of mine focusing on finding your edge. What are the assets you possess that you value the most? Once you define what your core strengths are, you’ll be able to see a picture of your personality that you hadn’t seen before. With your newfound confidence and skillset ready to execute, you’ll be able to make an impact that is uniquely yours. While you may be most concerned about making an impact on the job, these skills will also be able to help you make the right impact in your personal life.

Accept your truth.

The most important part of finding a strong sense of self is being able to accept the answers that you’ve sought. If you find that you’re following a path that doesn’t speak to your sense of self, it wouldn’t be fruitful for anyone involved to continue down that path. Take a few steps back and recalculate your next move. By staying true to your wants and needs, you’ll actually be giving those around you respect, which will in turn make your relationships more meaningful and authentic.

Gaining a sense of self doesn’t have to take a lifetime. Be true to who you are and others will be true to you as well. Whether in your business or in your personal life, having a sense of self will allow you to write the ending to your own story, instead of having someone else be in control of your fate.