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Inner strength is one of the most important traits that a person can possess. It’s the strength of character that allows us to handle the curveballs life throws at us in stride and keep us from breaking down when things get too difficult.

We know all about building outer strength; you exercise and develop the muscles in your body to promote a greater overall physical strength which is an important part of your health. However, just as important is the inner strength we have, yet we’re woefully ill-equipped when it comes to knowing how to develop that strength within ourselves. To help you become your best self, here are some things you can do to begin developing your inner strength.

Trust your gut

On of the most crucial parts of developing inner strength is learning how to listen to your gut when it’s telling you something. If you allow yourself to be shrouded in self-doubt, you’re not giving that inner voice the platform to help guide you through the tough times. Stop doubting your gut and trust the things it tells you. If something feels wrong, it probably is; conversely, if something feels right, it’s probably right, too.

Spend time alone

The world is a busy and over stimulating place where some days simply existing can be be a trying feat in itself. Living with high levels of stress day in and day out will do nothing but worsen any inner anxieties and stresses you might be experiencing. Allow yourself the necessary time to unplug from reality and sit alone with your thoughts. The only way that you can work on inner anxieties and stressors and move towards inner strength and peace is to allow yourself the time to focus 100% of your attention to addressing these problems.

Build a strong inner circle

Spending time with toxic individuals who are more interested in holding you back than seeing you succeed will only help them accomplish their goals of not seeing you actualize your full potential. Sharing your life with the wrong people can drain you of energy, so instead of giving your energy to those who don’t deserve and won’t appreciate it, build yourself a strong circle of the people in your life who care about you and support you.