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Mental resilience is essential in today’s world. With the negativity of the political environment, the economic hardships and the overall health of the nation, resilience is the key to working hard every single day. Here are the top four personality traits to build mental resilience

Positive Mindset

It’s easy to have a negative mindset since our brain is hardwired to continuously default to pessimism. Yet it’s those with a positive attitude that can take life’s challenges with grace and who are more likely to be successful in the long term. Positive people believe that challenge can open new opportunities for them and that life’s lessons only make them stronger. More positive thoughts help to create mental resilience which becomes helpful to defeat life’s challenges.

Goal Setting

People who are resilient are able to tackle any problem or situation by breaking down the steps necessary and setting goals. These goals are reasonable and attainable over time. Instead of getting overwhelmed, resilient people can plan a roadmap to achieve their goals. The journey might be long and difficult, but learning how to go through the steps necessary and execute with intention helps to build resilience.

Accept and Embrace Change

Being able to accept and embrace change is a hallmark trait to building resiliency. Learning how to be flexible and adaptable will make change easier. And change is inevitable since we can’t avoid change in our life. Whether it’s switching careers, moving to a new state, having a baby or dealing with a major health crisis, accepting and embracing change to the best of our abilities creates resilience over time.

Continual Learning

Lifelong learners tend to face problems with grace and positivity because they are confident that if they don’t know the solution that they’ll learn to figure it out. Even if you’re not faced with a challenge at the moment, learning a new skill set consistently will help increase confidence when faced with a problem later. Learners are also able to adapt to changes better and get less overwhelmed.

People are not born with resilience. Resilience is learned over time through life experience and learning to better ourselves everyday. Working on our inner traits and skills help create a resilient mindset so that we can better tackle any issues we face in the future.