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Tonja Demoff has made it her mission to teach the pillars of resilience, consciousness, optimism, and energy that create someone’s “core wealth.”


She is a highly acclaimed entrepreneur in real estate and motivational speaking, and has created numerous seminars and books on how to succeed in today’s world.

Tonja Demoff has learned that creating true wealth requires a whole lot more than just hitting your profit margins. It goes hand-in-hand with “a love for life, a zest and passion for experience, and an overall excitement that permeates our very being.” Put simply, to create wealth, you need to do inner work and find personal and spiritual fulfillment. This is what will draw wealth into your orbit, and what will energetically stimulate you to succeed.

It may seem like a tough thing to hear, but there is no better way to work on your career than to work on yourself first. Tonja Demoff knows that your overall outlook on life, the way you react to things — and your own security in who you are — these are the factors which will determine your success.

As you become conscious of what you create with your thoughts, you can focus on putting out more positive energy. And as you create your own “wealth environment,” you may need to take a look at your surroundings and remove yourself from the presence of those who do not support your dreams or uplift your spirit. Over time, as Tonja Demoff knows, you’ll create a “core wealth” that drives your very being, and thus drives the success of your business endeavors!

Tonja Demoff’s focus on self-awareness and self-improvement shines through her Resilient Millionaire program as well. Resilient Millionaire training focuses on “taking responsibility for your choices, owning your decisions, and seeing the world in a way that only you have the power to keep yourself down, NOT anyone else!” In the face of any confusing, negative, or disappointing situations, it is important that you remain resilient — and it all starts with having the right mindset.

To make significant changes in our “situations,” we must change our thinking about the situation and take action.
Tonja Demoff

Think about it: if posed with difficulty or a crisis situation, do you know how to withstand it? Will your ambition and passion help you adapt and come back stronger? Simply put, would you get knocked down and stay there, or would you get back up?

Tonja Demoff is dedicated to helping people take care of themselves so that they can make the most of themselves. This blog will shares her thoughts on how to find your own spiritual fulfillment and create a personal “foundation” in life that will help you stay resilient, succeed, and bounce back from any strife.

Tonja Demoff on IdeaMensch

“Don’t give up, go after what you want and take the necessary steps to get there.”

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