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It is hard to turn a blind eye to the struggle women have had to endure in the United States and the rest of the world. Some people would rather believe this country is perfect and needs no improvement, but the truth is that there are several aspects of this country that can be enhanced. Not too long ago, Reese Witherspoon used the platform given to her by Glamour when she accepted the Woman of the Year Award to point out a cultural crisis in this country. The crisis had to do with this country’s inability to recognize the contributions women have made, and this country’s inability to fight for female equality in all industries. Women are underrepresented, underpaid, and abused in many ways, yet women have continued to show resilience against these wrongdoings.

Female leaders across the country have spearheaded movements and changes within their male-dominated industries. It has taken patience, sacrifice, and a lot of resilience. For example, Natasha Davis who is one of the most important leaders for Azazie has been revolutionizing the way women shop for formal gowns. Azazie is a bridal online retailer, a company that encourages everyone to speak up and respect each other’s opinions. Davis went against the idea that women should not take up much space in the workplace or that they should keep their emotions in check. A woman can be who she is and take exactly what she needs, which is part of what drives Azazie.

Another woman who went against the grain was Nova Lorraine. She launched a very successful fashion magazine called Raine Magazine back in 2007. She had no background in fashion nor did she have any contacts to rely on. The only money she had was whatever she was able to bring, which was not much, so the company really did start from scratch. There was no doubt that Lorraine tapped into her natural resilience to get through what others would have called an impossible dream.

Conventional knowledge of business tells a person that a business person needs to be ruthless in order to get ahead. This was not the approach Lorraine took as she saw herself more of a student of business at all times. She attempted to learn from every contact she spoke to and build relationships as her company grew. The pressure was very real since larger magazine had all the advantages, but her resilience helped her. Industries across the country and the world are going to change. The change is being ushered in by women, and it is about time, which shows that resilience coupled with passion can move society in the right direction.